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Improve your productivity effortlessly.

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Audio recording from the app or import one from your iPhone or a YouTube URL.


Word-for-word transcription of your recording in a few seconds.


Transform the transcription into a final text for formatting in your favorite text editor.

01. Recording

You can stay focused on what the other person is saying instead of rushing to take notes during interviews, conferences or meetings.

02. Transcription

Word-for-word transcription in seconds from this recording, from an external audio or video recording, or from a YouTube URL.

Transcription is done on your device using the latest transcription technology to ensure that your audio file never ends up on any other device.

03. Summary

Export your transcription in .text, .srt, .vtt or .json format for formatting in your favorite text editor.

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We’re Marie & Nicolas, independent editors of iOS apps.

We created My Transcriber with the aim of saving time and improving efficiency in a day-to-day life where we’re already asked to do a lot.

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